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Nico's Mobs addon

Take a glance at another masterpiece addon from Nico's, now enriching the mob's diversity in Minecraft. It seems like the mobs don't have any common theme between them, which makes this mod purely a creation of an author's vision. Also, only a fraction of the new mobs are open for taming.

Credits: NicoTheKid

Red and Brown shrooms

Some new blocks and items are being added alongside the mobs. Also, as you would expect, new hostile mobs will be introduced into the game. Some of them would be variations of the skeleton.


Items you need to tame specific mobs:
  • Giant Moa can be tamed using Glow Berries.
  • Red Shroom and Brown Shroom to be tamed with Flowering Azalea.
  • Mossy Cobblestone and Cobblestone Golem would love to receive Emerald Blocks.

Enchanter Apprentice


Fireflies and Forest Wisps

Nico's Mobs addon

Activate all Experimental game features in your world's Settings.

Edited: 12.06.24
Reason: Added Enchanted Book mob

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