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Avatar Airbender addon

Bear the power of all four elemental benders from the world-famous Avatar the Last Airbender show. Choose your path, mastering Fire, Earth, Air, Water, or all at once. Some of the spells are not available from the beginning. Newbies must first up a few levels to open them up.

Credits: GlitchyTurtle32

Bending Scroll

How to start bending

Start with getting a Bending scroll by typing the !scroll command in the chat. Open the scroll to reach the Menu with a few options. First, you should choose the bending type you want to master and move on to the next step.

Spell slots

Assign the spells

The addon provides four slots for the spells of your choosing. Each slot has to be activated differently, and not all of them are so in the most convenient way possible. It can be tolerated if you choose the slots for the spells wisely.

  • Look up and sneak to trigger spells in the First slot.
  • Look down and punch to trigger to activate the Second slot.
  • Double sneak to trigger the Third slot.
  • Sneak and punch to run the Fourth slot spell.

Launching an Earth block


There are a lot of spells for every bender, here is a sneak peek of Waterbender ones.
  • Water Flood: Floods a nearby area around the player.
  • Water Launch: Launches the player into the air.
  • Water Rush: Charge yourself into the nearest entity.
  • Water Shield: Damage protection.
  • Water Spear: Shoots a focused beam of water that does damage and knockback.
  • Ice Spike: Creates a spike of ice under the mob that launches him up.
  • Frost Walker: Allows one to walk on water.
  • Ice Cage: Lock away all entities in a radius of 5 blocks in a cage of ice.
  • Ice Throw: Creates an ice block for a player to use as a projectile.
  • Water Splash: Pushes all nearby mobs and players away with a wave of water.
  • Water Wake: Dodge move.
  • Water Blade Boost: Boost yourself away from danger.



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    it doesnt work i cant type the command but i can take the four slots and a bending scroll but it doesnt work pleasse explain or fix it

    it doesnt work i cant type the command but i can take the four slots and a bending scroll but it doesnt work pleasse explain or fix it
  9. the unknown
    all of you shut up they fixed it already
  10. hamn
    how do i get the scroll.......
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