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HD cars addon

We could never imagine Minecraft objects becoming as smooth and detailed as HD cars. Some might argue that it gets out of the game's style with this level of detail, but I beg to differ. In some weird way, the cars actually fit the game well. Of course, all this beauty doesn't come without a cost, and it may cause lags even on some of the most high-end devices.

Five color schemes will be available to your choosing. The car doesn't require keys to start driving and doesn't require fuel whatsoever.

Credits: Team Green Build Team


Car's interior

HD cars

All five color schemes


McLaren Sabre became the latest addition to the collection of HD cars. This model of the car was produced exclusively for the US market, and only 16 of them were made.

Enable Experimental game features for the addon to work properly

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    i like this is cool cars
  2. Egg Yolk (Eyob)
    Which one should I download Mclaren or HD cars
    1. draven
      ytour momomomomoomomomomomomoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
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