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Siegecraft addon

Siegecraft adds cannons into Minecraft, a weapon specifically designed to be used in castle sieges. Fort and field cannon types will be available, and a bunch of variety ammunition to them. Historically, different cannonballs were used depending on a task. Canister shot was used to damage infantry, and chain shot to damage a ship. However, some of the ammunition provided by the addon has never existed.

Credits: The Big Onion Institute

Fort cannon

The difference between a fort cannon and field cannon is mobility. Fort cannon has smaller wheels because it's pretty much stationary all the time. Field cannon has two pairs of big wheels that'll help you tug it around the battlefield on a leash.

Field cannon

Ammo types

  • Cannon Ball is just a regular shot you expect to do on a cannon.
  • Explosive Shell makes a big boom on target, dealing splash damage.
  • Chain Shot is two connected balls that deal damage in a slightly bigger radius than a normal ball.
  • Canister Shot bursts with a dozen of smaller balls covering with damage a bigger area.
  • Heated Shot ignites the area on hit.
  • Rocket Shot is a type of explosive shot made with the use of fireworks.
  • Wither Shot causes an area of effect damage.

Siege Workshop

A Siege workshop is where you buy cannons and ammunition for them.

Firing from a cannon

Video demo

Activate Experimental game features.

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