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Block Geo Fixer addon

Block Geo Fixer patches something that shouldn't be broken in the first place, textures rendering.

There is a known problem with addons and custom blocks in them. When the block has a non-standard size, it prevents it from loading correctly, resulting in a hot mess.

Why don't we just make all blocks the same size? Because it limits the creators in their work. Luckily, Block Geo Fixer allows rendering all blocks in Minecraft PE 1.19 correctly.

Credits: TazaMakeThings

Block Geo Fixer addon

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  1. E
    The mod won’t export into Minecraft so I deleted the files. I’m not trying to get a virus here I just wanna play Minecraft
    1. Lemon
      Move it inside the file of minecraft and click on it
      1. Я
        Куда именно?
        1. Ага
          Вот вот, такая же проблема
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