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The Secrets Of Dungeons map

The Secrets of Dungeons is a map that offers a good story with decent characters and something even more impressive - interactivity. Throughout the long history of Minecraft, we've witnessed a lot of maps that fully utilized all modding capabilities. But I guess those capabilities really went far now from back then. The Secrets of Dungeons feels like an adventure game inside Minecraft. On your playthrough, you got to choose between multiple options in dialogs, witness 3D cutscenes, finish a few dungeons, and defeat bosses.

Credits: Zedafox1

The Secrets Of Dungeons map

How to install maps:
  1. Download .mcworld file below
  2. Open file using any file manager to import it into Minecraft PE
  3. Open Minecraft Pocket Edition and look for the map among your worlds

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  1. Levi
    i cant i brings me to a blocked page
  2. e
    me to and it looks so cool :(
  3. Akboss762
    Mines work I don't know how u guys own never work
    1. Mystic
      can you send me the link or post it in this chat pls?
      1. Bree
        I agree. I would also like the link, too.
  4. Player 0540
    i just finished the map
    really good ending
    I hope the second part can come out soon!
    1. j3756
      agreed! IT Is so Good!
  5. Your mom
    It doesn’t work for Minecraft Education Edition
    1. Mixchi
      Yes It Does, First download the file and when its done you then get in Minecraft Education Edition and Click Import and find the File of the Map in Import it there and it should work and go to your Worlds and Click Play On the Map!
    2. algenis
      he is right I cant play with Education Edition
  6. Noah Ryu
    I will try again
  7. j3756
  8. italia
    Why does it put a block page?Also can you put aamong us mod please.

    You know,why does some of the mods say that i am not allowed to play it on Minecraft education edition because that is my game I play.
  9. Caleb Alkica Malloy
    You guys forgot the most important rule!
    When it's 4'o'clock,Everything's unblocked!
  10. Valky
    I love it! the map is incredible, i played like Link from The legend of Zelda for the feelings xd when will the second one come out? :3 i'll wait for it ♥
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