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Rich Mansion on an Island

Let's say you've become crazy rich in Minecraft - what would be the first thing you buy? Consider buying this rich-looking mansion, on a private island, with a helipad on a roof. The territory around this luxurious mansion is very private and secure - the only way to get into the island is by a bridge. Inside the mansion, there is enough room for every fantasy you can imagine. You can spend all of your time on the island without leaving it, thanks to built-in farms that grow food. Fill out an empty space with some furniture to create a comfy environment for you and your guest.

Rich Mansion on an Island

How to install maps:
  1. Download the .mcworld file below
  2. Open file using any file manager to import it into Minecraft PE
  3. Open Minecraft Pocket Edition and look for the map among your worlds

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  1. Annonymous
    So, I was casually exploring the world with my sister, and I found an abandoned camp if you will, A shovel named Wilson, a book with notes from what seems to be a crazy person who forgot who he was, and signs that say IT or him. Does anybody have any clues or know what to do? Or am I being punked?
    1. brittany
      hey the reason is because this is a copy and the real one says that it has secrets this one does not and the camp is under the little river you will see the sign
  2. olivia gibbons
    where is the camp i want to see
    1. Guest nobody
      hi ill see where it is and then type the coordinates for you :)
      1. yo
        where is it?????????????????????
  3. CalebSuper919
    where is the campsite??

    I want to know where the campsite is. If you go to the boat and go down, it says "go north" that's probably where the campsite is. I'm too scared to go north. xD
    1. yo
      look in the helicopter on the roof
    2. yo
      look in the helicoper but don't place anything on the observer
  4. jacky
    can someboby go north i'm to scared i saw a sign on the helicopter next to the observer and it said "IT was watching" this mame me sared
  5. sam
    it's under the water not the ocean water the pond in front of the house
  6. Ra
    Dlete the world, I solved the mystery, its herobrine, save yourselves unlike I did. The mansion is cool until you uncover the dark secret
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