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The Fall of Heaven map [Adventure]

The Fall of Heaven is adventure where you are going to have great goal - to save the heavens. From the story of the map we know that you were just a regular miner, but one day creeper blow you apart and you went to heaven. When you got there, you noticed that something went wrong and now demons are the real overlords. You will need to defend the sky against monsters and defeat the most powerful of them - archdemon.

  1. Play on max difficulty
  2. You are allowed to break blocks but don’t overdo it
  3. Set render distance to max

The Fall of Heaven map [Adventure]

The map was originally created for PC and then ported to MCPE, on the screenshots you can see how massive the buildings are waiting for you there.

The Fall of Heaven map [Adventure]

The Fall of Heaven map [Adventure]

How to install:
  1. Download and unzip archive
  2. Then go to the any File manager
  3. And copy the map in to the "/storage/emulated/0/games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds" folder.
  4. Once you've done, you can open Minecraft PE
  5. Map will be among your worlds

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  1. Jacob

    i want this map

    1. Milezov
      You're free to download it)
  2. T H I C C Toad Gaming
    I played with 0 renderence because my phone might burn
  3. ilikeyacutG




    CHANGE ITsob

    1. Emily-Cat
      YES!!! PLEASE CHANGE IT!!! It looks SOOO cool!!! ):(
  4. rage
    is this good for my vis? Rage
  5. Trashy
    why does it say download surgeon simulator
  6. Caleb Alkica Malloy
    I got overwhelmed:(

    CHANGE IT!!!
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