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Visions of Time [Adventure]

Visions of Time - is a sci-fi map where you will travel through space and time to face different challenges and adventures. You are the one who builds the time machine, your name is Wells Aren, and now you're going to travel 500,000 years into the future. The map is modded and definitely one of a kind, the story is also great for adventure maps.

Visions of Time [Adventure]

How to install:
  1. Download and unzip the archive
  2. Then go to any File manager
  3. And copy the map in to the "/storage/emulated/0/games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds" folder.
  4. Go to the mods folder and find - extract it
  5. Using BlockLauncher import More Blocks Mod v1.0[TexturePack].zip texture pack
  6. Install also Blocks.js, commandblocks-1.js, SimpleCommands_v2.1.0_by_Schoki.js, DesnoGuns_Mod_r018_Desno365.modpkg
  7. Restart BlockLauncher

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  1. Chandler
    Doesn’t work it’s takes me to files
    1. Milezov
      If you're trying to install it on iOS, unfortunately this map is Android only, due to some mods can't be installed on iOS.
    2. Lizzobizzo
      Mine does the same thing:(
  2. CS888888
    qzzwxecrvtby numi,ol.p;/
  3. zlogue
    dosent work
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