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Find the Button: Christmas map

How good are you at searching for things? Check your skills on the new - "Find the button" map made in Christmas style. The map is split into four locations, each has a hidden button somewhere that you need to push to move to the next stage. There are four stages total, so your whole playthrough will be around 10 minutes. Now with cool Christmas tunes accompanying you on the way to find the buttons.


Find the Button: Christmas map

How to install maps:
  1. Download .mcworld file below
  2. Open file using any file manager to import it into Minecraft PE
  3. Open Minecraft Pocket Edition and look for the map among your worlds

Edited: 13.12.21
Reason: Updated version of the map.
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  1. sean
    Fun it took so long for be to beat
  2. zozocat1265
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