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Tardis map for Minecraft PE 1.2.13

On this map, you can explore and even use the famous police booth called Tardis, from the Doctor Who tv show. It works exactly in the way you might expect, it's smaller outside and bigger inside and you can use it to travel through space and time. Visit more than 20 predefined destinations, explore the Tardis, and learn the secrets of the time lords.

Credits: DingDong61

How to travel:
  • Go to the center of the booth and choose a destination by rotating arrows.
  • Now find there a lever that's responsible for start and pull it.
  • Then pull a Stop lever - and you are ready to exit the booth.

Tardis police box in Minecraft

Tardis from the inside

Control center

Tardis map for Minecraft PE 1.2.13


How to install maps:
  1. Download .mcworld file below
  2. Open file using any file manager to import it into Minecraft PE
  3. Open Minecraft Pocket Edition and look for the map among your worlds

Download Tardis Map 1.2.13

Edited: 4.05.18
Reason: Added new locations to travel.
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  1. Munira Seid
  2. Spider- Man
    The actual tardis it self is broken it's got the tardis texture but not the shape of the tardis it's still a armor stand so hopefully u can fix it overall the mod map is awesome the sounds perfect good job
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