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Herobrine mod for Minecraft PE 0.16.0

Herobrine Mod - adds horrifying creature into Minecraft PE, that will chase you until you die. Don't fight him unprepared, he can fly and moves very fast, he will also throw explosive fireballs in to you every second. You will need to kill him four times, after death he will drop the set of armor and sword that will give you all of his powers.

How to spawn Herobrine:

To spawn Herobrine, you will need to craft item called Herobrine Totem (recipe can be found at the bottom of the page) - when it's done, simply just tap on the ground and use flint & steel on the center of the totem.

Totem that used to spawn Herobrine

Mighty and frightful Herobrine - the brother of Notch

Items ID's and craft:
  • Herobrine Totem (ID: 510) – 1 diamond + 4 nucleo
  • Nucleo (ID: 201) – 7 netherrack + 1 nether quartz + 1 diamond
  • Boss Helmet (ID: 1758) – 5 nucleos (also dropped by Herobrine)
  • Boss Chestplate (ID: 1769) – 8 nucleos (also dropped by Herobrine)
  • Boss Leggings (ID: 1760) – 7 nucleos (also dropped by Herobrine)
  • Boss Boots (ID: 1761) – 4 nucleos (also dropped by Herobrine)
  • Sabre (Sword) (ID: 1010) – dropped by Herobrine

How to install mod:
  1. Download and install BlockLauncher PRO
  2. Download and unzip archive to your device (you must get .js or .modpkg file)
  3. Open BlockLauncher, go to Manage ModPE scripts - Import - Local Storage
  4. Go to Download folder and select mod that you want to install
  5. If mod has a texture pack, you must install it before script

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