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Download Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE is a new beta version of the game that fixes old annoying bugs. Nothing new where added obviously, all new items, biomes, and mobs are already been there. All we're waiting right now is for developers to fix bugs and get the game version ready to go gold.

What's new:

  • Changes in Nether biomes - blocks and structures no longer generate into worlds with a fixed version.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from joining dedicated servers.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause entities in a chunk to lose their data when the chunk is loaded.
  • Cured zombie villagers can breed again.
  • Mobs pathfinding fixed.
  • Rabbits will now hop properly.
  • Textures will now load correctly when descending from high altitude.
  • Content using the player in the base pack will now swim correctly.
  • Functions no longer give content log errors when using fake players with a scoreboard.
  • Play sounds with numbers in their names now play correctly.
  • Fixed issue where minecraft:knockback_roar would not apply vertical knockback force.
  • Fixed issue with account sign in.
  • Source for changes

Download Minecraft PE for Android

How to install:
  • Download and run .apk file below
  • Be sure that BlockLauncher and Minecraft are of the same version
  • Enable app installs from Unknown sources in Settings, if needed

Download the newest Beta version for testing purposes only. You can switch your copy of Minecraft to Beta by applying to the testing program.

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