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PUBG addon

Turn your Minecraft world into a no-rules battle royale based on the PUBG game. It's only a beginning of a lifespan for this addon, so don't expect much content. So the basic gameplay loop will be to seek abandoned buildings with weapon crates in them, loot, and get into trouble.

Credits: Four Worlds Studios

Abandoned houses in Minecraft world

I reckon it is best to be played in some form of multiplayer game with others. There is not much you can do in singleplayer aside from having fun shooting. By the way, only two guns with several modifications will be available as of now. The possible mods could include an increased magazine size, a scope, a suppressor, or a grip. I must also warn you that this addon uses player.json, so it may not be compatible with some other addons.

M4A1 gun without mods

Weapons crate

Character wearing helmet, vest, armed with a gun

Don't forget to activate the Experimental gameplay toggles in Settings.

Edited: 2.05.23
Reason: Added 1.19.73 Support!

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  1. mincrafenjoyer534
    dis mod is 2cool4scool
  2. Whatever
    this mod is cool please upload more
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