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Ghostbusters - Hide and Seek map

The Ghostbusters Hide and Seek Map delivers a captivating 2-in-1 gaming experience, showcasing two arenas inspired by the Ghostbusters movies. Brimming with secrets recognizable to any fan, players can engage in paranormal hunting as they explore diverse locations from the iconic films. Gather your friends and relive the timeless game of Hide and Seek with a delightful touch of nostalgia.

Credits: hutchiebros

Gameplay mechanics:
  • Seekers use a "Slimed!" fire aspect blaze rod to catch hiders by setting them alight.
  • Hiders can equip Marshmallow Boots to reduce fall damage and utilize a Hider's Proton Pack to keep seekers at bay.
  • The game concludes when all players have been caught, ending the round.

Ghostbusters - Hide and Seek map

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