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Elytra Wings parkour map for Minecraft 1.0.0

Elytra Parkour is a new type of maps in Minecraft 1.0.0, where you need to fly avoiding obstacles. It will be a tough job considering that flying speed will be increasing exponentially. To complete the map it's takes about 6 to 10 minutes depending of how many mistakes you'll make. At the end you will need to fly straight into Ender Dragon's jaws.

Fly carefully avoiding the obstacles

Map is pretty simple at the beginning

The circles looks funny

  • Don’t break blocks
  • If you fail on a level then start over
  • Set difficulty to easy
  • Play in creative mode
  • Set time to day (/time set day)

How to install maps:
  1. Get the latest version of ES File Explorer
  2. Download .mcworld file below
  3. Using ES File Explorer go to Downloads folder on your device
  4. Find .mcworld file and tap to import it into Minecraft PE
  5. Open Minecraft Pocket Edition and look for the map among your worlds

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